Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Autumn "Put to Bed"

We are cleaning up all our gardens and do so now so that the Spring rains will meet a ready-to-grow environment.  This garden pictured is one of our formal perennial presentations where we've started cutting back the foliage.

The canna lilies are spectacular and require  a great deal of effort and care. 

The stalks are cut down as they show a hint of frost damage.


The tubers are then dug and spread on the lawn preparatory to washing and drying.  They are stored in three 30-gallon cans in our root cellar.

This has been a very good growing season, and we have a wonderful spot for planting the lilies with full sun and extremely well-fertilized soil. 

We give away lots of tubers to friends in the Spring.  If you want some, stop by!

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