Sunday, March 10, 2013

Windsor Whip Works Gallery

Three of my works will be exhibited at the Windsor Whip Works Gallery, in Windsor (NY) from March 16 to April 13 in a show titled  "Fabulous Fibers and Bewitching Baskets."
The gallery is in a building that functioned as a buggy whip factory in the early 1900's. This Italian ornate building was recently renovated to serve as an art gallery, and Bill and Johanne Pesce are co-directors of the gallery.

This is the postcard which shows a sample of the works exhibited by eight artists.

The artists in the show are: Esterita Austin, Sharon Bottle Soava, Benedicte Caneill, Lorraine Chwazik, Marcia DeCamp, Pat Pauly, Judith Plotner, Cheri Sheridan and Jamin Uticone.

These are the three works that are in the exhibit:

Yellow Brick Road

(54h X 50w)

Five Squares

(52h X 52w)

Purple Sunset

(50h X 27w)