Monday, March 18, 2013

New windows - 5

The work on replacing windows continues on the south-facing porch.  Here Peter and Paul remove the old awning-style windows from the 1980 addition.

New framing is required before installation of the new windows.  Attention is paid to the old saying  -- "Measure twice and cut once!"

Inside the porch requires equal care as the windows must fit and be framed on both sides.

Peter is moving to the east side of the openings and checking his measurements.

The lower level of windows is nearing completion.  Next, another layer of scaffolding will be added and the triangular windows in the peak will be replaced with double-pane high-E types.  Hope nobody slips and breaks one!

Paul did a great job framing in where the old
windows and door separated the two rooms on the porch.

We are still deciding if we want to replace more parts of the west-facing "Florida sun room."  Stay tuned!

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dyerlady said...

Dear Marcia...your windows are beautiful...Enjoy the views. Nancy

Marcia said...

Thanks Nancy! It's nice to have the bigger panes of glass so the views are less obstructed.