Thursday, December 13, 2012

December gardening

The mild December days allowed us to get a head start on Spring chores. 

We have cleaned out the everbearing red raspberry plot and have the 1969 Ford tractor on hand to clean up the debris.

A slightly colder day finds Bill pondering the job of trimming the grapes.  A late frost in April this year killed off the crop -- Hope we have better luck this time around.  These plants are also circa 1969 and are mature and well rooted.

Inspector Suki loves the outdoors, especially when her Staff is with her.  Here she has climbed a nearby pergola and watches over our clean-up efforts.

She has retreated to the back of the top frame as her next-door neighbor cat (Mr. Boots) is visable hunting on the other side of the garden.  She does not approve!

Searching for a way down:   she finds this transit more difficult than scrambling up a large clematis vine to reach the top.  After some deliberation, she decided the eight-foot jump was doable and stepped off into space.  She's quite a critter!

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