Sunday, December 2, 2012

December Scenes

Some of our perennial grasses are through growing for this season, but remain on view.  They present an interesting combination of texture, subdued color shades and varying heights against the fall skies.

A season's burn pile fueled by several months of shrubs, limbs, and garden debris goes up in smoke.  We wait until the accumulation dries out and the wind is blowing in a manner that will not impact neighbors even though most directions are clear for several miles.

We harvested a few pounds of carrots as our last crop of the year was collected.  They are hosed clean and will be refrigerated for winter use.

Inspector Suki helps with these chores, as she surveys the area from one of the five-gallon pails we use for various purposes on the farm.

She, of course, usurps same for the most important function; ie., a spot for the kitty to hide!!

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