Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fall gardening chores

The pleasant days of October present the bitter-sweet jobs of fall gardening.  It is nice to tidy things up, but it's a long time til spring.

The hoops (used to hold netting over the plants) and the tomato cages are stacked next to the frost-tinged grapes ready for winter storage.

The perennial gardens are cut back after flowering.

This group is the wonderful blue thistles that will add their stalks to the fall burn pile.

Several toads were disturbed in the process of weeding the tulip/daffodil beds.  They were not happy about the intrusion into their space.

Inspector Suki's idea of helping is to find a nearby shady spot and work on her own agenda.   Moistening her paw will be followed by clearning her ear and face.  She must have had a good Mom, as she works hard on her personal toilette!!

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