Sunday, July 1, 2012

Turtle Sightings

On June 10th I posted a picture of the turtle that appeared in our lily pond.

We don't know where she came from, but thought she'd be much happier in one of our bigger ponds.

The reading we did about painted turtles indicated that they like to lay eggs and burrow in the soft bottoms of their ponds.

Our lily pond has a rubber liner; so we scooped her up in a pail and carried her to her new home in the bigger pond. It was then that we noticed that she only has one rear leg.

Have you guessed the rest of the story?

It was only a couple of days later that we saw her back in the lily pond -- at least we're pretty sure it's the same turtle, unless we have a large population of 3-legged turtles.

I guess she's determined to stay awhile, but we'll have to figure out another plan before winter when the pond freezes.

Suki and I check every day or two to see if she's still in residence.

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