Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Priscilla's back

Our friend Priscilla is back from a long trip to India that included volunteering to teach jacket-making skills to women in Jodhpur.  See her blog for more... http://www.priscillakibbee.blogspot.com/

She had some time while there to do a bit of shopping and brought back some beautiful saris.

We spent a little time today figuring out how this beautiful material could be used as fabric for new jackets.

Here's another view of a purple and green sari.  Notice that the design of the print on the end of the sari (to the right) is different than the main part of the sari.

Suki was also very happy to see Priscilla and especially appreciated the opportunity to get in the closet and settle in on top of Priscilla's case.

And she got a chance to play her favorite game with Priscilla, trying to catch her finger. 

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Sue Reno said...

Thanks for sharing the link to Priscilla's blog, I've added it to my reading list.

Marcia said...

You're welcome... Enjoy!