Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New camera

I was ready for a smaller Point and Shoot camera that had a bit more zoom power than my old Nikon Coolpix and wanted to show you my new pretty red Coolpix.

Suki insisted on helping and couldn't seem to stay out of the picture, but at least her tail helps indicate the size of the new camera!

And with the new 10X zoom, I have a better chance of capturing some pictures of more of our backyard visitors.

These Canadian geese looked like they wanted to settle down under the tree, or maybe they were interested in the flower bulbs I have planted there.

They're so alert, though, that they were immediately on the move when I came out of my door.

They flew off toward one of our ponds, and I wonder if they are the same pair that has had its spring nest here in recent years.

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kathy loomis said...

this is exactly the same as my new camera -- even the red! hope you love it

Marcia said...

So far, it's great! And, I had to get the red one to go with the red case I ordered for it :-)