Monday, August 8, 2011

Old Forge, NY

A visit to the Adirondacks is not complete without stopping in Old Forge. We found a park bench at the edge of the water with a lovely view to accompany our picnic lunch.

Our main agenda was to visit the new arts center in Old Forge, which has been named The View. It has lots of wonderful spaces, including several galleries and an auditorium.

One of the galleries is the Henry M. Kashiwa Eco Gallery with an exhibit of "Nature's Wonder Inspiring the Arts."

This cairn was made of rocks found in the Adirondacks.

This is a fisher, an animal that's been making a come-back. I saw a similar critter on our property a few months ago, and am now wondering if it was a fisher cat.

Another view of the lake. I think this is the tour boat that offers a ride up the Fulton Chain of Lakes.
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Laura said...

I'm reading your travelogue and enjoying the scenery, missing northern NY where I used to live for most of my life. A-Bay, Clayton, and Old Forge (Enchanted Forest Water Safari) were always summer favorites! Summers up there sure beat summers here in North Carolina.

Marcia said...

Thanks, Laura. We had perfect summer weather. I think we'd prefer your winters, though!! Marcia

kathy loomis said...

I have to echo everything Laura said! I used to live in Syracuse and sure miss the terrain, the water, and the crisp summers. I'm now suffering through yet another awful Kentucky summer and wish I were in the Adirondacks.

Marcia said...

Hey Kathy, I'd forgotten you were from this area, and I think you should come back for a visit! Maybe we should plan a fiber retreat in Old Forge.... :-)

Kathleen Loomis said...

Marcia -- I'm on! great idea