Saturday, August 27, 2011

Cleaning Camp

Our camp at Chase Lake in the Adirondacks had only been used a few days early in August. A combination of it not being opened and aired out during the summer, along with a lot of hot and humid weather, caused yucky mold on many surfaces.

Friends Monica and Karen joined me for a marathon cleaning session. In addition to regular cleaning, we washed down walls, floors and ceilings!

Karen even tackled the cabin roof, clearing off the pine needles and branches, so winter snows can slide down more easily.

We had intermittant service from DirecTv, and were interested in keeping up on what was happening with hurricane Irene. In our quest to solve the problem, Monica checked all the cable connections even though we're suspicious of the receiver box.

The reward at the end of the day was a quick dip in the lake.

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Pat Pauly said...

Love the dip! Not enough reward for all that hard work!