Saturday, January 22, 2011

Red Fox -- close to home!

We quite often have red fox in dens near the house. 

Here, the most recent denizen hunts along the fence line in broad daylight!

A small captured mouse is seen between the legs of the hunter.  Fox tend to mate in December or January, and we wonder if this is a female building up some protein for her motherly duties.

A nice sunny day adds to the attraction of the hunting trip,  

In the past, we have had large resident male cats who have driven off such encroaching critters.  Suki, with her 8 lb. frame, seems to know she shouldn't try and has stayed away from contact.

There are lots of burrows in the tree line at the bottom of the pasture, and this appears to be her current home.  Coyotes have driven off much of the fox population, but this chosen residence is near the road and may keep the more secretive coyote away.  We'll see!
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