Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sewing Day

Nancy Hicks, Priscilla Kibbee, and I decided to sneek in a little sewing before the Thanksgiving holiday.

Priscilla brought lots of work in process. She found this beautiful needlepoint parrot on ebay, and he's destined to be adorned with a few beads. A quilt is in the planning stages, and many lovely fabrics were auditioned, including some scrumptious silks.

This is Priscilla's Vegetable Man quilt, which features a beautiful hand embroidery that she found in Vietnam a few years ago. She's added interesting piecing and borders, highlighted by her signature seminole piecing along the side.

The Vegetable Man was inspired by a painting of Rudolph II, painted by Guiseppe Arcimboldo in 1591 and called "Vertumnus, God of the Seasons."
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