Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Good Bye Florida

We are selling our Miami townhouse. Marcia and sister-in-law, Doreen (pictured), flew down last weekend to close up and make necessary arrangements, requiring phone calls and personal contacts. Doreen is the serious sun-lover, so of course, would be on the phone outside!

The two-bedroom, two-bath unit is in a retirement community, where all the single-story buildings contain 4 apartments and are surrounded by a lot of green space. It is 15 miles south of the city, and we started using it in 1979.

Doreen and brother Jim created the attractive flower garden in front of the sun porch windows.

Some items were selected to be sent North, including "Grandpa's bike" which will be passed on to Doreen's son for its sentimental value.

Other items were boxed and placed together for pickup and shipping by a transit company. Some interior furnishings were gifted to a neighbor, and our realtor took some things for distribution to area needy families. If you are in the market for a warm weather condo, give us a call!

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