Sunday, March 22, 2009

Suki and friends

Inspector Suki is much happier these days. She spends extended time outdoors and enjoys the developing spring weather, especially with the return of creatures to chase around the backyard. She also challenges any feline visitors with a loud voice and fierce posturing. The cool weather sends her to a warm spot behind the portable computer when she returns indoors!

She enjoys visitors, especially when they bring plastic trays large enough to adopt as a resting place. They are particularly comfortable when a layer of fabric is left as a pillow!

Bill studies Priscilla's latest hard work as she explains the process. She is tracing petroglyph designs onto black fabric and then hand embroidering them, adding Bahar stitching.

Nancy is machine quilting one of her latest pieces. She's using her Featherweight machine, which is a lot more portable and easier to carry than her Bernina.

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Anonymous said...

Nice to see your exhibitions up on the site, now to get a web site...

Hey, I know someone who might help!