Saturday, March 28, 2009

Dyeing Day

As preparations for dyeing begin with the spread of plastic sheeting outdoors on this warm day, Inspector Suki checks to make sure the underside is clear and ready.

She absolutely cannot ignore the sight and sound of plastic bags of any type and always appears from nowhere to become directly involved.

Turquoise, intense blue, and navy blue were poured on the fabric on the left. For the other piece of fabric, fuschia and grape dyes were added to the blues. The fabric was then rolled in the plastic and left to bake in the sun.

Dyeing is hard work and here Marcia massages the fabric in pails of the liquid. It's a double-dye low-water immersion process, and the elbow-length rubber gloves are great protection. The dyed t-shirt is a reminder of the 1970's and probably will have some newly added colors at day's end!

It was in the 60's today and Inspector Suki guards the fabric from the shade. It is not easy being on all-day duty!

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Pat Pauly said...

Okay, Marcia, I know you have tables to use, so why are you on your knees. Love the Suki.