Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Jacket Sewing Day 2

Pat Pauly, in the foreground, and Priscilla Kibbee, in the back corner, are hard at work as constructed jacket elements continue to be added to the design walls for consideration and approval.

Pat irons pieces of her Turkish coat, and Marcia is piecing the lining for her jacket.

Pat Berardi has changed out some of the fabrics for the circle designs on her jacket. And this meant she got to make more bias binding for all the circles!

Priscilla has a well-earned reputation as a wearable art designer and teacher. She is also known for her wit and terse style of speech. The sign saves her voice and serves as a frequently used response for many situations! Her good friends and acquaintances use the shorthand version by holding their hands in the air, spread apart to approximate the size of the pictured phrase!! All those in sight, and in the know, understand... :-)
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