Sunday, March 9, 2008

Ice in March

Inspector Suki wears many hats. As the bad weather has driven her and Marcia inside, she carefuly watches the computer work to make sure it is up to her high standards. Marcia is checking to see if it is okay to proceed.

Our backyard fish pond survives the onslaught of any winter weather. The snow-covered heater keeps the water from freezing, and that allows the fish to "breathe" throughout. They partially hibernate in the cold and do not require food during the cold temperatures.

The ice covers the electric, telephone, and computer connections as they near the house. Fortunately, all continued to work, and we didn't lose service.

The west side of the house is protected by this windbreak of mature pine trees. The new addition is shaded by this planting, and the snow and ice falling off the trees "thumps" the roof of the new studio. We may have to cut back and clear more open space. We'll take another look this summer!

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