Saturday, March 15, 2008

Finger Lakes Art Gallery

We attended the Artist's Reception at Gallery 34 at Finger Lakes Community College for our long-time friend and colleague, Wayne Williams. He is a sculptor of some reknown and is shown here discussing his "Balancing Man" creation.

Wayne has spent time living and working in Belgium and has many cast images of clerics, farm animals, and other inhabitants of this culture. His ancestors came from the low land area of Europe, and he shares distant cousin status with Marcia.

We especially like the bicycling nun in the foreground of this grouping. Wayne has many commissioned statues in the area, and it was fun to see the results of his nearly 50-year career in one spot.

Spending time in Santa Fe inspired the Action Indian. A long-time horse owner, he has several examples of these animals in various poses.

Current President of the College, Dr. Barbara Risser, is pictured in the background.

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