Tuesday, February 12, 2008


It's time to finish a piece that I started in my last class with Nancy Crow in November. The assignment was to start with 4 bull's eyes that were each approximately 40-inches square, so that the piece would be 80-inches square. The parameters for the exercise included using lush colors and making a dynamic composition with figure/ground tension.

I've done a similar exercise and didn't want to stay in the 4-quadrant format, and also wanted to see what would happen if I started slashing through the "quadrant" pieces.

I decided I liked the icicle figures that were created.

The next step was to break up the quadrant pieces to see if an even more dynamic figure/ground composition could be generated. I'm still deciding if I want to replace any of the colors along the very bottom....

And here's a quick look at a quick composition done by friend Pat Pauly when she was at the studio to use the design walls. She created the fabrics using bleach and thiox discharge techniques and arranged them into a composition.

I was hoping she was going to leave it behind, but the pieces went home with her...

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