Saturday, February 16, 2008

Cleaning horse stalls

One of the "joys" of horse ownership is the periodic task of removal of residue from the horse stalls. Here Marcia celebrates a beautiful sunny day by moving "used" straw from the stall to large piles behind the barn.

Long-time helper, Bill Elmer, breaks up the frozen crust of ice and snow, and Joe uses the pitch fork to fill up the bucket. Tractor driver Bill heads for the controls.

The chain has come off the tractor tire, and the men are straining to put all back in place. The heavy front load causes the tractor to need extra traction as it heads for the garden.

The job is half done. We moved a dozen bucket-loads today and spread the wonderful fertilizer around the grape vines, upper and lower plantings of raspberries, and an apple tree -- recycling at its best and a very satisfying day outdoors.

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