Sunday, January 13, 2008

Clean-up Part II

The perennial grass garden survives the winter weather and makes a nice contrast to the evergreen maze garden looming behind. The thaw allowed us to clean the horse stalls, and the mid-range of the picture features the residue which will enrich the soil of the next summer's vegetable garden.

The holding pond on the property, which had totally dried up during the dry summer, has profited from the heavy snow cover in December. The overflow pipe on the lower left is only about one foot from being needed.

Another view of the refilling pond. We will have to add some fish in the spring. The turtles and frogs will find their own way to the renewed water source.

Inspector Suki enjoys the enhanced view as she looks for possible prey. What a wonderful ability to possess. Her sharp claws and muscular development allow her access to heights and spaces not easily available to humans. She takes full advantage of her attributes!
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