Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Composing and Sewing

In another sewing day at the studio, Barb Seils cuts strips for her latest project. Some of her design emerges at the upper right of the picture. The other two wall pieces are "in progress" works of Marcia's.

Marcia begins the very basic construction of fabric choices and figure-ground relationships for a new piece. Many different combinations are placed and re-placed on the wall in this phase. The final quilt will probably be much different, but each step in the development is important.

Inspector Suki is in Attack Mode, and she has secured her target with claws and is considering how much pressure to apply as she bites down. It is interesting to watch her decision process as she balances the genetic and evolutionary urge to attack against the experience of her life to not "bite the hand that feeds her" (literally)!

These two forces tend to even out, although if you try to flee, she can't resist the tie to her predatory nature and will revert to her wild heritage!

Here Inspector Suki assumes her sentry position. She loves boxes, and a half-hidden posture suits her very well. She will stay here for quite a while, ready to leap into action with any perceived need or provocation.

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