Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Kitty Update

Our wonderful fall has allowed outdoor weather for us and the outdoor cats.   The kitties like to keep track of what we are doing when we're working in the gardens.

The Blue Rug Juniper garden serves as their background.

Feral cat, Millie, and neighborhood cat, Mr. Boots, spread out in the sun and keep their view on us and the surrounding area.

They wait just off our deck on the south side of the house -- not missing meal time morning, noon, or night.

Millie sleeps half hidden near the deck under a bush in the sun.  She grows more comfortable with us each day. Maybe soon she will join us indoors!

Suki, our resident queen, curls up in the studio, wrapping up in whatever she finds -- this time it's the cover for the longarm quilting machine.

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