Monday, November 2, 2015

Raspberries and Canna Lillies

Newly picked raspberries in November are very rare.  We still haven't had a killing frost and production continues.  The end is near!!

Our canna lilies make one last show.  They were hit by the cold, and the flowers and stems were done for the year.

After cutting the tops at ground level, the arduous job of digging the tubers is next.  The roots spread, the tubers multiply, and the ground reluctantly gives up the harvest.

The tubers are trimmed with the tractor's bucket serving as a sorting platform, with more separation the order of the day.

After washing and drying and further sorting, we are left with a few hundred prospects for spring.  They will be stored in our root cellar for the winter. 

If you want some, let us know!

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