Monday, October 5, 2015

Garden Views

We continue to feature our canna lilies as a wonderful part of our floral display.  This view is from mid-August.

They are a lot of work to harvest them in the fall, keep the tubers over the winter, and then plant in the spring.  But they flower for a long time. 

Midsummer brings full growth in the perennial garden.  The grass garden is in the background, fronting the aborvitae of the maze garden. 

Some morning glories and clematis sneak in on the right edge of the picture.

The late summer view of the pergola -- a nice shady spot to sit and enjoy.

By the end of September the view of the pergola shows the autumn clematis providing a wonderful mantle.

The canna lilies hold on in the fall until a killing frost.  Then we cut the plants to the ground and dig up the tubers.  We share many of them with friends in the spring.

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