Saturday, September 5, 2015


Some years are painful for the home "farmer."  We planted our usual 4 dozen tomato plants and almost none of them produced.  We found a supplier near Irondequoit and were able to purchase 3 bushels of roma and canning varieties of excellent quality.

We have been making our own tomato sauce for 40 years.  We use a "squeezo" to strain the cooked tomatoes and vegetables.  All the skins and seeds are separated from the sauce.

Further cooking on the stove reduces the final treasure to the desired thickness.

From starting with 2 bushels of roma tomatoes, we ended up with 28 quarts of sauce, which will add flavor and color to many winter recipes.

The canning tomatoes were peeled, quartered, and packed into jars, and then boiled in a hot water bath to seal the lids.  We canned 18 quarts to add to our inventory. 

We have found such a good replacement source for the future which relieves the insecurity of any future plantings we make here on the farm.  Happy days!

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