Friday, May 22, 2015

Priscilla's visit

Since she moved further away, Priscilla hasn't been able to come as frequently for sewing days.  So it was a treat to have her visit for a couple of days and see the projects she's working on.

The blocks on the wall behind her are for a new "envelope quilt" that she made a lot of progress on while she was here.

Priscilla made this quilt from nine molas that she collected from her trips to the San Blas Islands of Panama.  The quilting outlining the figures on the individual molas gives them a lot of texture.

These cross-stitched and needle-pointed tiger panels are being considered for another quilt.

Priscilla also showed this wonderful piece that she found on her last trip to Guatemala.  The colors are even more vibrant in person, and I'm sure she's thinking of a new garment that it could be added to!

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