Friday, April 24, 2015

Pond Cleaning

The men from "Clearly Acquatics" are here for our annual visit.  As usual, it is a cool (cold!) spring day.

They maintain and repair 300+ area ponds and water gardens and are a skilled and dependable group.

We have a lilly pond behind the barn, and some of the group work on that part of the task at hand.  Bill provides his usual contribution -- i.e., supervision.

While the pond is emptied and cleaned, the fish are transferred to a holding tank.  We have some "babies" this year, and you can see some of them at the top of this picture.

Dave is spreading some weed killing powder on the cobblestones to inhibit algae growth.  It does not harm the fish.

The pond is filled (about 900 gallons), the fish are added, the pump is turned on to feed the waterfall, and we're fixed up for another year (we hope!).

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