Thursday, April 24, 2014

Spring cleaning

A sign of changing seasons is the arrival of the Clearly Aquatics crew to work on a couple ponds on our property.  This year they picked a cold and rainy day.

The slippery, difficult cobblestone-lined fish pond is always assigned to the "new" man.  The draining of the existing water is followed by pressure cleaning. 

Bill is in his customary supervisory position on the deck.

Our lily pond is behind the barn and is also drained.  The flower pots are then fertilized and returned to their underwater habitat.

For the deck pond, the fish are returned, the waterfall pump is cleaned and covered with a new filter and net, and the filling process begins.

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Nancy Bailey said...

You people have "hoodies" on and i still have the heat on!!! Just not right at the end of April...Hi to all, Nancy