Monday, June 17, 2013

Kitty Update

We were worried that Suki might attack the kittens and arranged short, supervised visits.    Fortunately, she never went beyond some hissing and growling, which they ignored.

Then she tried pretending they weren't there.  But they just want to figure out a way to play with her.  Now she just avoids them!

They're very interested in everything and anything.  They like to watch the shower water against the glass doors and are fascinated by the shower drain.

They spend all their time together, even nap-time.

They've discovered the warmth of laying on my laptop, and unfortunately for me, how much fun it is to play with all the computer cords....

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CrazyCatLady said...

Suki will get used to them in her own time. Our 15-year-old cat puts up with the two younger ones (one and two years old). Have they found a home with you? They look really happy and healthy. Rick and I are off the CA to visit his first grandchild (soon to be born, that is).