Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Barn Visitors

Although we have lived here for almost 40 years, having a resident feral cat has been a new experience.  We have had many strays, but this feline will allow no close interaction.  We decided to feed the visitor as the cold weather and heavy snows early in the year made hunting difficult.

We have a large horse barn so finding lots of room and hiding places was no problem.  We had hoped our visitor was male and had planned to try a Have-a-Heart trap capture and neutering.

As you can see, our gender assumption was faulty, and three new kittens arrived.  We built an enclosure near some straw bales, and the babies seem happy and healthy.

Mother is nursing her 5-week old children and endures their piling on her during play time.  She can climb out of the nest, and the kittens have a safe hole to hide in when she is not there. 

We haven't determined what to do with our visitors yet...
 If you would like one as a companion, just let us know!

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CrazyCatLady said...

Hi Marsha -- I think Joan W. would love a furry companion -- we have three here so are at our limit. Good luck finding homes! So maybe when the kittens have homes, you'll have her spayed and keep her as a barn cat?

Marcia said...

Haven't talked Joan into it yet! Yes, that's the plan for the Mommy Kitty. She lets me feed her, but I can't touch her, so I don't think she'll be a house kitty --which I'm sure Suki would prefer...