Sunday, November 25, 2012

Fiber Peeps Trunk Show

 The Fiber Peeps gathered at the Schweinfurth Art Center in Auburn, NY, today to present a trunk show. 

Linda Bachman couldn't be with us today, but here are Pat Pauly, Bev Kondolf, Nancy Hicks, Jeanne Simpson, and with her back to the camera, Priscilla Kibbee.

Pat started us off with a power point presentation that showed who the Peeps are and how we work together.

 She explained three of the challenges for themed work that we've done, complete with pictures of the installations of the exhibits.

One of the challenges was to design a quilt that was inspired by a mola.   This challenge was popular with the members, and the "mola" quilts have been very well received whenever they've been shown.

The group has plans for a 2nd mola challenge to be completed this coming spring, and has committed it to a gallery show in May.  (Stay tuned for more information...)

Jeanne showed us the mola she has selected as inspiration for her new mola quilt.

In addition to showing the quilts each member completed for the challanges, everyone showed three of their other quilts.

Jeanne brought this piece that was selected for a recent Made In New York exhibit at Schweinfurth.

Priscilla showed these two leaf quilts that have been accepted in various national shows and just came home from the Houston IQF show.

Pat explained that on this piece, she went over the surface on those areas that she thought were too light by stamping and screening with paints and dyes.  She quilted it on her domestic Bernina sewing machine.

There were several good questions from the audience.

The Auburn Citizen published this article about the trunk show:


And check out the Facebook posting by the Schweinfurth Art Center which has more than 60 pictures of the event.


lakeavemom said...

What a great trunk show! What a great group! Your energy, creativity, and joie de vive inspired all who work alone. Kudos! Linda T.

Pat Pauly said...


You managed to get some great photos (as usual) to tell the story of this trunk show. Many thanks for recording and sharing it.