Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Another visit to Croghan

During our August trip to the Adirondacks,
 Priscilla and I enjoyed our first visit to Wishy's for ice cream so much that we decided to take Pat there the next day!

 I don't have pictures of our ice cream, but it was delish!

Pat is checking out the architecture of the buildings on Main Street.  They mostly date back to 1912, when the town had to be completely rebuilt after a fire.


This magnificent home at the edge of town, built by TB Basselin, was spared from the fire, but it's showing its age.

We decided to check out the American Maple Museum and were given lots of information on the maple syrup industry in the area.

The museum had lots of examples of  the equipment that was used to produce the syrup from the tree sap.

It also had this 1961 Polaris snow machine, the forerunner of today's snowmobiles.

And we saw the bridal party for a wedding taking place at the church at the end of town.
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