Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cutting up the Saris

 Priscilla offered a class on Cutting up the Saris at the studio.  The goal was to make jackets from the beautiful sheer sari fabrics and the stitched sari shawls that she brought back from trips to India.

The tan and gray pieces on the wall came from one sari, and Priscilla and Liz were making jackets from it.  With 5 to 6 yards of fabric in each sari and with careful cutting, it's possible to make two jackets from a sari.  The pink sari fabric on the cutting table was being made into a jacket by Frances.

At the left of the photo Priscilla is helping Jenna decide on coordinating accent fabrics for her jacket.

On the right you can see the stitched sari shawl that Beth is using for her jacket.

Everyone made a paper pattern for themselves, so they'll be ready to make more jackets.

Deb and Liz are conferring here, and I had to have a picture of Deb's shirt -- "Love to quilt, Forced to Work!"

 Priscilla showed us some embellished fabric that she made from fabric that she had scrunched and covered with fancy couched threads and yarns.    And we discussed how this fabric could  be used with sari fabric.

We got to see Beth's jacket pretty well finished except for the band.  It's hard to tell from this picture, but she added strips of fabric from a jelly roll that accented the blue/lavendar/purple colors.

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