Sunday, March 18, 2012

Florida visit - 6

We enjoyed a lovely walk at the Wakodahatchie wildlife habitat. 

It's a constructured wetland that serves as a water treatment facility for the Water Utilities Department to recycle water. 

 It also provides habitat for wetland wildlife species and offers open green space for people to enjoy.

We saw a few alligators, and I think this guy might have been the largest.

This lizard was not very big, but my camera was able to get a close-up picture.

This green heron had just caught a small fish.


Anonymous said...

Really nice collection of photos. The last one today looks like a turtle is hiding from the alligator behind the tree! Thanks for sharing. Liz

Marcia said...

I don't know if they were having a staring contest or if the alligator was napping -- but they were in the same position an hour later.