Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Lunch in Canandaigua

At the end of 1983 I left my teaching position at the college in Canandaigua to start my software business. 

And today I met two friends and former colleagues at a restaurant on the lake for lunch and a lovely reunion and visit.

Lakeshore Boulevard and the whole general area has undergone major changes in the ensuing years.  Nolan's used to be Kellogg's, which was a family-run business for many years, and we ate there often.  (Bill still remembers their shrimp salad with much fondness.)

Kershaw Park has had major upgrades, including a large new bathhouse to serve the beach area.  Of course, Roseland Amusement Park was there long ago and has been converted to town houses with a large resort hotel and condo development approved and due to start construction soon.

A new highway with fancy street lights and a median upgrades the area, where old restaurants and a mobile home park have been removed.  The now vacant acreage awaits further development.

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Pat Pauly said...

Somewhere is a photo of me on the carasol (spelling?) at Roseland, and my wedding guests stayed and ate at Kellogg's. It has certainly changed.

Thanks for the modern view.