Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fall CleanUp

We took advantage of a beautiful fall day with temperatures in the middle 60's to tackle a big job that was long overdue.  A very large wild thorny rose bush had climbed over, around, and through one of our pergolas.

It has probably been 15 years or so since we cut it back, and today was the day.  After a lot of hard work and several bucket-loads for the burn pile, we declared victory.  We have several clematis vines that share the space, and they will never again have to compete with the wild space hog.

A more regular fall clean-up is the trimming of our reliable trumpet vine.  This grows each spring and summer and spreads over another pergola that houses our lily pond.  A new pole snipper helped this task to be completed from the ground.

Several more bucket loads were collected.  Both of us find that a few hours of such effort brings forth some aches and pains that weren't there last year.  But surely we are wiser and more accepting as time goes by -- not so sure the trade-off is an equal exchange.

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