Saturday, July 17, 2010

Mola Quilts at QBL

The Quilting by the Lake conference (a program of the Schweinfurth Memorial Art Center) will be held for the next two weeks at Onondaga Community College in Syracuse. The hill-top campus has a lovely view of the valley and hills in the distance.

The quilts from the Holy Mola Challenge, organized by Pat Pauly, will be on display at the QBL quilt show. Each quilt is displayed along with the original mola that was its inspiration.

Pat did a terrific job of mounting the molas and artist statements on a foamcore board hung next to each quilt.

This is Priscilla's entry.

And this is my "Mola Wings" quilt.

Pat is adjusting the hanging of Ren's quilt. Bev Kondolf's quilt is to her left.

Pat's "Pink Leaf" quilt is on the right and Jeanne Simpson's quilt is on the left.

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azcupcake said...

a couple of years ago you showed a picture of a crank operated strainer that removed tomato seeds and peels. Can you tell me what I should call it so I can do a google seach to find one?

Marcia said...

Hi Carol,
I'll be getting mine out of the attic in a few days for this year's sauce making.
Try Squeezo strainer, tomato and food strainer and sauce maker. You'll find them on sites that have canning supplies.
Good luck! Marcia