Friday, May 28, 2010

Summer time starts

We have had a hot, dry start to the summer season.  The grass in the paddock was waist high until today.  The old tractor and the rotary mower worked hard to get it under control.

The pergola in the perennial garden serves as home to several varieties of clematis.  One of the deep purple varieties is especially prolific this year.

The iris are full flowered and present a colorful dense display in the bed near the above-mentioned pergola.  They are transplants from the crop that used to grace the hill that was dismantled to make space for the new studio.  We are glad we rescued them and are visually rewarded for the effort.

Our chive patch yields pretty flowers this time of year.  They are edible, and we should use some in a salad or two.  The Korean boxwood makes a nice background.
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