Friday, February 19, 2010

Sewing Day

The middle of winter limits outdoor activity and encourages our artist friends to concentrate on work days at the studio.

Here, Nancy Hicks assembles more pieces for her work on the display wall. She won a basket of Kaffe Fasset fabrics at QBL last summer and is using it to create a bargello quilt for her bed.

Pat Pauly has two daughters away at college and has been very productive this winter. She is hand sewing the facing on one of the quilts she recently completed.

Pat has experience at museums where she has produced displays of exhibitions of various types. She has received a commission from a local collector to prepare a selection of his Navajo rugs for hanging. She is hand stitching reinforced strips on the backs of the rugs for the hanging system.

We think these rugs are from the American SouthWest from the early 1900's. They were made for the tourist trade by local artists and further research could probably identify location and perhaps even the weaver/artist. The natural (non-dyed) wool in this rug indicates that the rug is older, as it was probably made before dyed wool was widely available.

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