Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Florida "stuff"

The items in Miami that we boxed and set aside in November for shipment home were picked up by the movers two weeks ago.

Within the estimated delivery time, the items made it to our garage, all in pretty good shape for the most part. One salad plate and one soup bowl were in pieces, but all the rest of the dishes and even the glass lamp arrived safe and sound.

It was like a mini-Christmas, going through all the boxes --- and we were so intent on going through all the items, that we forgot to take more pictures.

The king-sized mattress and box springs, just wrapped in their plastic shipping bags, also survived the trip.

Bill's Yukon holds the tables, the bike and a couple of boxes of things for the trip to Geneseo to Jim and Doreen's house.

Winter has arrived with some much colder temperatures, and it was time to put the heater in the fish pond. Even in the coldest weather, the heater keeps the pond from freezing over. The fish like to spend their time pretty close to the heating element.

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