Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sewing Day

Friends Beth Brandkamp and Priscilla Kibbee came to the studio today for a sewing day.

Beth brought her Yellowstone #2 piece, all finished with quilting and binding, for "show and tell". Her quilting looks terrific -- double-click to see it

Beth also brought her completed quilt with batik squares and the wonderful seminole borders.

To work on, she brought the fabrics for her "Slash and Burn" project that was started some time ago, but is now evolving to include some abstract flower images.

Priscilla has started a new "ice cream treat" jacket. The centerpiece for the back is a neat mola of a pelican serving an ice cream cone to a teddy bear, which Priscilla has embellished with beading. All the fabrics have ice cream cones and/or other sweet treats.
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