Saturday, December 8, 2007

Fungus and Jawbone

After touring the Memorial Art Gallery, I chose O'Keeffe's Fungus and Jawbone to use as my inspiration to create a small art quilt for the MAG's show and sale in January.

I was attracted to the neutral colors and spare, simple shapes.

I started by making patchwork fabrics with close color values.....

....And started adding in more shapes and colors.

But I didn't think the composition was looking very interesting.

So my "slashing" rotary cutter came out :-)

and more patchwork fabrics were added.

But maybe the composition would be more balanced with a little orange fabric added.....

And this is the final version -- quilted and bound and ready to be delivered.

I like the orange squares, which add the touch of color I wanted without creating more linear elements. (Cutting and sewing the squares into the existing fabric was a fun challenge!)
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